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Do you require a translation from scratch, or do you have an existing text that needs revision? Do you have a document of which a similar version has already been translated? I offer a range of services related to text and language:


This refers to transferring your text from the source language into the target language, i.e. from English or Spanish into my mother tongue German, in accordance with subject matter and target audience requirements.


Proof-reading involves checking the German translation for spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuation and grammatical errors and making sure that the meaning of the original text is retained and no important information is omitted. Other aspects such as style, adaptation to the target group and terminological consistency are not included.


Editing comprises proof-reading as well as checking the form, content, style and terminological consistency of the target text. The editor ensures that client-specific stylistic and terminological requirements are met, and optimises wording and text structure, if necessary.

Terminology management, the cornerstone of good, long-lasting cooperation

Each company has its own corporate identity, represents certain values and objectives and conveys specific messages to its customers – and all this is reflected in the company-specific wording and style. The consistent use of core terms improves brand recognition, facilitates differentiation from competitors and increases customer loyalty. This is why terminology constitutes an essential component of corporate strategies and marketing efforts, and should be considered when corporate documents are translated.

I save each translation in a client-specific database and continuously maintain your terminology in order to use it consistently not only throughout one translation, but also in all follow-up jobs. Do you have legacy texts that your new translations ought to be consistent with? Or do you maintain glossaries in Word or Excel format that have grown so big that current texts can hardly be matched to their content anymore? To make adherence to this terminology easier, I use state-of-the-art translation technology to save source and target texts in a suitable database format. This allows for automated comparison of new texts with existing terminology so that the risk of inconsistencies between legacy and new content can be minimised.

Do you have other requirements? I'd be happy to discuss possible solutions with you!


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