Birgit Hollmann

High quality at a fair price

A translation is the result of several combining factors, e. g. the text type, the subject area and the target audience. The same is true for prices – a universally applicable package price for all translations would not be in your interest, as it would not take into account your individual requirements. For this reason I ask you for all the necessary information about each text in order to submit a quotation that takes all the relevant factors into consideration and incorporates any specific client requests or special characteristics of the text.

To request a quotation, please send me some basic data:

  • Original file(s)

  • Deadline

  • Certified translation (yes / no)

  • The following additional information enables me to provide you with an even better translation service:

  • Target audience (Professionals / Specific population group? Companies / Authorities / Consumers?)

  • Intended purpose (Publication? Certification for which country / which authority?)

  • Author of the source text (Internal department / External business partner?)

  • Reference material (Pictures, drawings, data sheets, etc.)

  • Terminological requirements (Company terminology / Subject-specific glossaries?)

  • Style guidelines (Internal requirements for publications?)

  • Existing similar documents (Legacy / similar documents in the source or target language? Should the terminology be consistent with them?)

  • Original text in editable format (Hard copies or PDF files might require additional formatting or time and increase translations costs.)

  • Contact person(s) to answer queries (e.g. regarding company-specific terms and abbreviations in the text)

  • Prior notice of large volumes (to avoid the risks and additional costs involved in rush jobs)

  • Naturally, I organise your order data in my client database so you won't have to send any information twice in case of similar subsequent orders. That way, the time you spend placing orders, providing information or revising texts will be minimised. And most important of all, this concerted communication ensures that you get optimum translation quality!


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