Birgit Hollmann

Areas of expertise

Below you will find a selection of the subject areas I usually work in. Apart from these specialist topics, I also translate texts from other fields such as travel and tourism, as well as text types such as e-learning courses, speeches, etc.


Corporate communications

As a specialist translator with a focus on marketing and PR texts, I translate all sorts of corporate communications texts in a stylistically appropriate way suitable for the target reader: press releases, company profiles, image and product brochures, presentations, newsletters, market research reports, case studies, tender documents, corporate governance guidelines, commercial correspondence, etc.


Website and software localisation

Having worked for one of the world's largest localisation service providers, I know what to look out for when localising software or the corresponding help and documentation. Would you like your web presence to become more international? I'd be happy to localise your website or online database as well.


Information and communications technology

Localisation goes hand in hand with the translation of ICT texts of all kinds. So naturally I also offer translations in the fields of computing, telecommunications, consumer electronics and IT business solutions.


Psychology and psychotherapy

As a psychologist with a master's degree in clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience, I have the expertise and knowledge to competently translate general and scientific texts as well as non-fiction and specialist books about psychology and psychotherapy.